From plan to plant

Jul 1, 2010
Proven in Practice
Since the official start of co-operation between Mourik and Petrogas in November 2009, we have already had various opportunities to develop and execute projects together. Below are two examples showing where the synthesis of Mourik and Petrogas has resulted in high-quality solutions at justified cost.

“We want to install a Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser (RTO). It makes us comply with the Netherlands Emission Guidelines for Air and enables us to recover products and energy from our benzene production. To disassemble the existing installation and connect the RTO without interrupting the production process at the Vopak terminal.”
That was the assignment. Petrogas was responsible for detailed engineering of the piping from the tanks to the RTO, including a 20-meter-long pipe rack. Mourik took care of project management. In addition, civil work, steel construction, manufacturing, erection and assembly of the piping were in the reliable hands of Mourik.

Cees Hommel of Vopak:
“Thanks to the combination of engineering and construction we were able to execute this ‘operation’ very efficiently and without any difficulties. Close co-operation between engineer and constructor brings definite advantages to the result. The client remains in control.”

Air Liquide
“Our dump vessel for liquid nitrogen (-270°C) has to be repaired. The plant, however, must remain in operation.” That was the assignment. We were soon able to demonstrate that replacement was a more cost efficient solution. Petrogas engineered this new stainless steel dump vessel. But there was more. During the first site visit it turned out that the chimney stack needed to be replaced as well. Mourik took care of project management. It also built and installed the dump vessel and took care of the construction and erection of the stack. Thanks to short communication channels between engineering and assembly staff, the client’s desire was fully satisfied, in terms of both time and money.

Maarten de Vos of Air Liquide:
“Design and construction being in the same hands was a big advantage for us. In this way we could focus on every requirement we had and in the meantime the plant could remain in full operation. Assembly went according to plan, safely and within budget.”

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