Petrogas installations are installed at sites all over the world. Packing is important for protection during handling and transportation. During the design of the installation the type of packing is already taken into account. The installations can be packed in either wooden crates, on wooden bases or in (sea) containers. This will depend on the dimensions, weight and final destination.

Packing requirements that will be taken into account:

  • Protection against mechanical stress and damage (stacking pressure / vibration during transport / compression resulting from lifting)
  • protection against environmental factors (corrosion/ decomposition/ extreme temperatures)
  • protection to allow outside storage
  • provision for economic lifting, transferring and transport
  • strict adherence to international regulations for hazardous materials
  • use of environmentally friendly material and capability of recycling
  • use of ISPM15 certified wood

Additionally we can provide customized transport solutions that are in line with your requirements.